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New York Times covers Successful St. Paul – CWS Summer Test

August 28th, 2009

Great New York Times Article:

As its license plates proclaim, Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Now a Minneapolis-area company says it has figured out the secret to the state’s famously crystalline watering holes: moss.

Specifically, species of sphagnum moss that the start-up, Creative Water Solutions, envisions will keep tens of thousands of swimming pools clean while drastically reducing the use of chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

Read the full article: Clean Pools, Less Chlorine … With Moss? (Green Inc. Blog –

CWS Wades into Commercial Pool and Spa Waters

August 17th, 2009

My name is Allan Schwartz and I have been working in the pool and spa industry for the past five plus years. The majority of this time has been spent focused on the residential part of this channel with Creative Water Solutions.

Eau de Chlorine?

Late this April, I was out to dinner with some close friends, Michael and Suzie S. We were talking about working out at the Minneapolis Jewish Community Center where both of our families belong.

("Chlorine is my perfume") - this isn't the way it has to be for swimmers

"Chlorine is my perfume" - this isn't how it has to be for swimmers!

Michael was talking about how much he enjoys swimming now that he can’t run anymore because of his failing knees. He goes multiple times per week. Suzie stated at that point that she can always tell the days he has been swimming because in spite of showering after his swim, he still smells like chlorine and she doesn’t like to be around him.

Michael then asked me “why don’t you talk to the JCC about using your PoolNaturally® system for their pools”. Michael reminded me about the positive feedback I have been telling him about from our residential pool and spa customers. As it turns out, my company had been talking about beginning to expand into the commercial pool and spa segment of this industry.

A Natural Partnership

The JCC was very interested and were an excellent candidate because they have six different types of water bodies. They have a men’s and women’s spa, an indoor and outdoor wading pool, as well as large indoor and outdoor pools. The JCC started in May with their men’s spa which was the most troublesome area. Then the outdoor wading and swimming pools were added. Almost immediately, the bathers were approaching the lifeguards to inquire about what they were doing differently with the water. The changes were dramatic.  Becky, the lifeguard supervisor recently commented on how much more enjoyable the pool water is considering how much of their working day is spent in the water.

Jon S, the Certified Pool Operator and maintenance supervisor, told me that while he was originally very excited to try our PoolNaturally and SpaNaturally systems. If he hadn’t been so involved with the changes he wouldn’t have believed them. The results have exceeded his expectations.  Ironically, because of mechanical issues with the indoor lap pool, it will be the last pool to go on our PoolNaturally system. Michael S, who suggested the whole idea, swims in the indoor pool and has been anxiously waiting to swim and not smell like he is using chlorine as an after shave.

Preliminary Results Announced By City of St. Paul and CWS

August 17th, 2009

SAINT PAUL — Mayor Chris Coleman, Creative Water Solutions, LLC President and CEO David Knighton, MD,  and Parks and Recreation Director Mike Hahm will unveil preliminary results of the nation’s first public-pool sphagnum moss-based water treatment system installation at 11a on August 17 at Highland Park Aquatic Center (see link for more about this pool).  The pilot project was undertaken with the innovative Minnesota-based company, which has already demonstrated the moss-based system’s effectiveness in residential pools and spas (PoolNaturally and SpaNaturally, respectively).

“It’s a completely different pool!  My eyes and the kids’ eyes didn’t get red, the water didn’t smell of chlorine and it was a lot softer feeling in general,” said 19-year-old Mary Schmidt, a regular weekly visitor to the pool as a summer nanny.  “I love it!”

To see the full media release, please visit this link.